Thursday, June 4, 2009

The end for Tom Glavine?

The Atlanta Braves released long time starter - and soon-to-be Hall of Famer - Tom Glavine on Wednesday.

Most of the sporting world is "stunned", and talking heads everywhere are claiming that the Braves owed Glavine more than this. I say they owe him nothing.

Let's not forget the years Glavine left Atlanta for New York. I've read John Feinstein's book, "Living on the Black", that chronicled a season with Glavine and fellow soft tosser Mike Mussina. I've read how Glavine "wanted" to stay in Atlanta all along, but the money just didn't add up.

He can claim whatever he wants, but at the time, Glavine's decision to leave Atlanta for greener pastures in New York was purely business. So was Atlanta's decision yesterday.

Glavine seems like one of the "good guy" of the past 20 years, and he certainly will be a great addition to the Hall of Fame. But sometimes teams just have to let fan favorites go. The Padres did it this past off season with Trevor Hoffman, and many people argued that San Diego owed Hoffman the chance to finish his career with the Padres. But if the guy just isn't getting the job done any longer, why do they owe him anything?

Maybe I've become numb to sports as anything more than entertainment, but in the real world, when you're no longer capable of performing the tasks of your job, you're usually no longer employed. Glavine was still rehabbing an injury and in the process blocking prospect Tommy Hanson from the big leagues.

The Braves essentially paid Glavine to do nothing - and that's more than any employer owes an employee.

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