Thursday, May 21, 2009

What happened there?

Most of the time when I scan the box scores, mostly to see who went deep and what pitchers took a win or loss, I get them through them all without a second thought. Sometimes, though, something catches my eye and I wonder, "What the hell happened there?"

Like today's 20-1 game between the Twins and White Sox.

Big ol' Bartolo Colon took the loss for Chicago, lasting just two innings before surrendering eight runs on seven hits. A bit of an odd line: only one of the runs was earned, yet he gave up two home runs. Not entire sure how that happens, unless they're calling a hanging curveball an error (which they're not, and couldn't even if they wanted to). So there's gotta be a scoring error, or else things were absurdly sloppy.

Sox relievers Lance Broadway and Jimmy Gobble combined for 4.1 innings of relief and (combined) allowed 12 runs on 12 hits. See the box score here.

Ugly stuff - looks like the Sox took off a little early for Memorial Day weekend. On that note - have a great one! Always remember the meaning behind it.

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