Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Site updates

Hello, readers.

Two things for you this fine Wednesday before a three day weekend.

1) Well, two in one. First off, thanks for reading Bad Baseball! It's taken many twists in the past year, but I think that's to be expected from a first attempt at a blog. Second (but still part of the first of two things), you've surely noticed the occasional post about a baseball card or autograph I've obtained through the mail. I started Darryl Strawberry Fields to showcase my Straw collection but realized I had thousands more cards I wanted to share memories of, as well share my adventures in cheap card collecting. So I created Priceless Pursuit. Check it out! There will certainly be more updates than the Darryl site, if only because I have 20x the material. I think you'll like it.

Second, I've also begun contributing to the site "A Pack To Be Named Later". It's goal: open one of every pack ever made. Check that site out, too! My first entry is on 1995 Sport Flix.

There ya go - even more baseball and card related reading for you to waste time with.

Priceless Pursuit and A Pack To Be Named Later. Check 'em out, bookmark them, tell your friends!

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