Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Joba Gone Wild

Want to see the police video of Joba Chamberlain, Yankees ace of the future? Click here.

Thanks to The Smoking Gun for somehow getting their hands on this and sharing it with the world! The video is edited and doesn't show all of the antics the accompanying article describes, both are entertaining nonetheless.

I don't think poking fun at New Yorkers or former Yankees is a great idea. Ever hear of John Rocker? Yeah... things didn't work out so well for him after he made fun of the passengers of New York's subway system. Making fun of a Yankee legend? Don't know if you've noticed, Joba, but that fan base takes quite a bit of pride in the team's history. Joking or not, teasing Yogi Berra in a drunken police video was not the smartest decision you've ever made. Not that he's shown the ability to make good decisions at all, but still.

Somehow, I think this all goes away if Chamberlain helps lead the Yankees back to the playoffs. If not, at least the Yanks already have their scapegoat.

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