Friday, April 3, 2009

Long season begins for Pittsburgh

You know how every year, when an NFL team - oh, say, the Lions - starts out 0-10 and people start to wonder if a top college team could beat them?

Ever wonder if the worst of the worst in Major League Baseball - oh, say, the Pirates - could hold their own against a college team?

Wonder no more. The Pirates would not beat a good college ball team. They probably couldn't even beat a bad team. And I KNOW they couldn't beat a community college team... because they didn't.

It's gonna be a long couple of years in Pittsburgh; a team made up of some of their top prospects lost an exhibition game against Manatee Community College. Granted, some of the Pirates involved had been cut from final rosters, but still - they must've been pretty damn good to even get a shot at making the club.

Seriously, though, what else would you expect from a club when two of their signees were reality show winners?

See the story, as reported by Yahoo! Sports, here.

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