Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Boz is back

Every now and then, for fun, I click on the "College Football" news link on various major sports websites during college football's offseason.

There's rarely any major news, other than the occasional Lane Kiffin foot-in-mouth press conference, but it's a sport littered with bad headlines. For example, if you visited Wednesday, March 11th's ESPN College Football page, you'd find headlines such as:

"Ex-TCU player Hobbs gets 10 years in prison"
"Michigan St. player pleads guilty, suspended"
"Mizzou settles O'Neal wrongful death lawsuit"
"Ole Miss signee Hornsby facing two charges"

Yeah, pretty bad.

But one headline stood out among the others, if for no reason than it brings up funny memories of one of the biggest flops in NFL history:

"Ex-OU star Bosworth charged with drunk driving"

The Boz is back!! The dude's crazy. He once referred to the NCAA as "National Communists Against Athletes." He sent letters to numerous NFL teams stating that if they drafted him, he wasn't showing up. The Seahawks drafted Bosworth and signed him to what was - at the time - a record 10 year, 11 million dollar deal. He sued the NFL for the right to wear #44, his college number, and lost. He retired after three seasons due to a shoulder injury. He was a commentator for the short-lived (and previously blogged about) XFL.

And most recently, on March 6, 2009, Brian Bosworth was arrested for drunk driving on his motorcycle in Los Angeles, California.

Just another highlight on Bosworth's extensive resume.

The point of this entry? Nothing, I suppose. But when you think of bad athletes, Bosworth is easily one of the first to come to mind.

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