Friday, February 6, 2009

What'd you say your name was again?

"I'm Matt F@$#^$ Bush!"

And with that line, former Padres #1 draft pick Matt Bush ended his career with San Diego after his second run in with the law involving alcohol and violence.

The first came shortly after being drafted at a night club in Peoria, Arizona, after being denied admission. He was 18 at the time and hadn't yet learned that nobody cares about baseball draft picks.

This time, Bush was at a high school field in El Cajon, CA - my hometown - and is alleged to have been involved in assaultive behavior and public intoxication. A witness claims Bush threw a freshman lacrosse player (there's a funny visual), slammed a golf club into the ground, and hit another lacrosse player, all the while yelling "I'm Matt F#$@#$% Bush!" and "F#$@ East County!"

Excuse me, Matt, but what's wrong with East County?

Bush was originally drafted as a shortstop but was converted to pitcher after the realization that he was a horrendous hitter. But the pitching never worked out either - he blew out his elbow and needed Tommy John surgery in 2007. It's not a huge loss for the flailing franchise; he was drafted more due to signability issues with other prospects, and now they're able to cut ties with their horrendous bust of a draft pick.

The best part about Bush's tirade is that the lacrosse players probably had no idea who Matt Bush was. Even though he's a San Diego native, people don't follow baseball's draft like they do with the NFL or NBA. You've got money, Matt, so what are you doing still hanging around the local high schools? Get a life. And why are you in East County if you hate it so much?

Read more on the story here.

At least one positive has come out out this for San Diego sports fans: There's someone else in the conversation of worst number one draft pick ever.

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