Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks, but no thanks.

So Manny Ramirez is turning down the Dodgers offer of one year, 25 million dollars.

This solidifies him, without a doubt, as the most insane person on the planet.

Has he not heard the news that the economy is the worst its ever been? Has he not seen that Bobby Abreu, a more than capable outfielder, may not even get ten million? (I just threw up in my mouth at the realization that I implied that anything less than $10 million is garbage) Or how about the also-unemployed Adam Dunn? I bet either of those would jump at the chance to earn 25 MILLION DOLLARS this season.

It's just a one year deal, Manny. Are you that worried about underperforming (Andruw Jones, anyone?) and not justifying another deal in 2010? And even if this were the last professional baseball contract you'll ever sign, don't you have enough cash in the bank to live comfortably on until the end of time?

Again, I do understand that Manny is looking for a multi-year deal, but I can't sympathize with these guys any more. I know too many people who have either lost their jobs or fear it to care about Manny's squabbles any more. I hope the Dodgers move on and sign a much cheaper Abreu or Dunn, or even choose to stick with who they have. Or how about (gulp) Barry Bonds?

Any of those three - along with plenty of others - will take any job they can get these days.

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