Thursday, February 26, 2009

So crazy, it never had a chance to work

Starbury…? Is it a fruit? No. Is it a candy? Strike two. What it is, is the nickname of a 32-year old basketball player/professional pine rider named Stephan Marbury, whose contract was finally bought out by the Knicks, signaling the end of an era (well, 5-years in nearly an era in pro sports) of a silly soap opera that obviously didn’t do them any favors (the Knicks went approximately 152-233 with Marbury).

Here’s a retrospective… Marbury was a top prospect out of Georgia Tech, drafted by the Bucks, and traveled through Minnesota, New Jersey, and Phoenix before being traded to the Knicks in 2004. That is when the drama began… Marbury’s selfishness led to small spats with other players, but his attitude came to ahead when sojourner coach Larry Brown came to town in 2005. In response to Brown’s new policy, Marbury began waging a very public campaign against him, claiming in the press that Brown was unfairly treating him. After that season (in part due to Marbury’s conflicts with Brown), Brown was canned and team President and Knick legend Isiah Thomas was given the helm. Marbury Tantrum Take 2! Despite the belief that Thomas was exactly what the doctor ordered for Marbury, it was even worse… Marbury continued to use the press as a weapon, publicly complaining about Thomas and even threatening to blackmail Thomas when he was removed from the starting lineup. Marbury then turned a team plane into a boxing ring, getting into a physical confrontation with Thomas on a road trip. Marbury capped it all off with unnecessary (according to the team) season ending surgery, and lost his position to Chris Duhon in training camp this year (now under Mike D’Antoni). Earlier this year, Marbury actually had to buy a ticket to a Knicks game just to be in the same building while they played.

Despite Marbury not playing a meaningful game in their uniform for over a year, the Knicks finally woke up and basically released him to be someone else’s problem. And it is my sincerest hope that is exactly what he becomes, as the rumor is that he will sign with the Celtics once he clears waivers. But, regardless of my personal feelings about his impending new team, this is just another example of how $&!* floats in pro sports. I mean, I understand the steroids thing… I really do… The pressure to be great causes players to make stupid choices. But why do coaches and owners keep giving cancers like Marbury another chance? Because they went to the Jerry Jones school of sports management, that’s why! These people ruin the game, and turn sports into a Hollywood tabloid show.

Well, happy trails Mr. Starbury… May you rot the Celtics from the inside out like you did the Knicks!


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