Thursday, January 15, 2009

Million dollar gamble

Would you be willing to gamble tens of millions of dollars, when there isn't anything to gain for doing it? Would you pass up the chance for tens of millions of dollars to pursue a Bachelor's degree in a field you will never work in?

Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford is apparently willing to risk everything for one more year of college football.

A college education is great, and these days, a Bachelor's degree is standard; almost everyone has one. I'm certainly a proponent of higher education (as if anyone isn't?), but not if you're a near lock to be the number one overall pick in the NFL draft.

Some say that Bradford isn't quite ready for the NFL, that he hasn't faced enough pressure on the field at OU to see how he'll handle a pass rush, or a need to quickly find receivers that aren't wide open. There's a chance that his game won't quite translate to the NFL, but it's certain that teams would fight for the chance to take that risk.

What does Bradford have to gain by going back to college? His stock can't get any higher, and it won't result in any more money than he already had coming to him. What if he gets hurt? What if he misses most of the year, or worse, suffers a career ending injury? What if Texas's Colt McCoy has a better year and teams would rather draft him instead? Could Bradford suffer the same fate as former USC quarterback Matt Leinart and plummet down the ranks on draft day?

Take the money, kid. Millions upon millions of dollars in your checking account will make that last year of college tuition easy to pay for should you ever feel the urge to complete your undergraduate education.

How can you trust Bradford's decision making skills on the field when he can't make a good one off of it?

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