Thursday, December 4, 2008

Padres continue salary dump

Nice to see that the Padres have already punted any chances of winning in 2009.

With today's news that shortstop Khalil Greene is set to be traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for a couple relievers (in an admitted move to reduce salary), another San Diego fan favorite has been shown the door. The Padres have already told Trevor Hoffman he won't be back in '09, and an off-season trade of ace Jake Peavy is inevitable.

I'm hardly a Padres fan, so I could care less about their chances of a winning season in 2009. And I understand that the poor economy is affecting everyone, including billionaire team owners (messy public divorce or not). But you know who it's hurting the most? The fans.

For San Diego residents, the Padres are my only source for professional baseball within a two hour radius, and their lowest priced, readily available seats start at $14. How will any long time local, die-hard Friars fanss justify a ticket purchase next year? Money's sure to still be tight for most people, and the Padres are shipping out every single player that people are willing to pay to see!

Might as well trade away Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez, too. Why they're at it, how about the Friar mascot guy? Let's remove any possibility of enjoying a ball game!

I'm not even sure where I'm going with this entry. I'm not saying Greene was crucial to their chances for a winning season, as I actually feel quite the opposite. Same with Hoffman. But if you want people to buy into your product, you've got to give them a good reason. $14 to see this mess of a team in '09?

I'll pass.

And for any readers in San Diego, click here for driving directions to Angels Stadium in Anaheim, just in case you get a craving for good baseball.

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