Friday, December 5, 2008


The juice won't be loose for at least five years; that was the minimum sentence handed down for O.J. Simpson in court today by the state of Nevada.

Now, there was a mess of concurrent and consecutive sentences, and the live coverage I'm watching on is claiming Simpson's looking at a minimum of six to nine years behind bars before parole eligibility.

I'm hardly a legal expert, so I won't expand on this much more than I already have, but it seems to be fairly light considering all of the various kidnapping and use of a deadly weapon charges involved. The lesson to be learned here: become an athlete, get away with anything.

Talk about a fall from grace. Is there a worse decision maker on the planet than this guy? Between this latest debacle, not to mention the murder trials a decade ago, it's best for everyone that this guy is off the streets.

Check here for more complete details on the story.

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