Wednesday, November 5, 2008


That was quick. I received my first autograph back in the mail yesterday, this particular one of Gregg Olson; more on him in a minute.

Although I've just begun this project, I've been enjoying it immensely. I know that Gregg Olson's signature (or the other autograph I've already received) doesn't mean much to the average collector. While he was once a first round pick, I know that his career eventually ended without much fanfare, just like many hot prospects before (and after) him. But writing brief index card notes thanking the players for their time brought me back to the days of being a little kid, writing to every address I could find, telling each athlete how they were my "favorite player" and that I'd "love to add their autograph to my collection." And thinking back, I only received one, a signed photo of Don Mattingly. I probably would've had more success if I included something to sign, or at least a self-addressed stamped envelope, but someone with the Yankees had Mattingly sign a picture and paid for the postage themselves (no big deal to them, I guess!). Very cool, especially to a seven year old.


Check out the scan above for my Gregg Olson hand-signed 1992 Topps #350. Some fun notes about Olson:

* He registered a save in a no-hitter (7/31/91)
* He was the first reliever to win the AL Rookie of the Year award (1989)
* He intentionally walked Barry Bonds with the bases loaded (5/28/98, with the Diamondbacks)
* He is a card carrying member of the Orioles Hall of Fame
* His only major league hit was a home run.

Stay tuned for more updates... and thanks, Gregg!

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