Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse

Ryan Leaf, considered by many to be the biggest NFL bust of all time, has hit a new low.

He failed miserably with the San Diego Chargers, lasting just two years before one last shot with the Dallas Cowboys before being run out of the league. Today, he has been asked to leave Division 2 West Texas A&M University where he has held positions as both the quarterbacks coach and the golf coach.

No idea why they'd hire him to coach their QBs, most likely a publicity thing I'd guess, or perhaps a favor. But that's besides the point...

Leaf has been relieved of his duties after asking one of his players for a painkiller.

Since this is resulting in the termination of his job, it had to have been something stronger than a simple, over-the-counter pill, don't ya think? Leaf obviously has questionable decision making skills on the field, but who knew he had those same problems off the field as well? Even if it the request for pain killers was actually related to an NFL injury (which he claims, as reported here), there were better ways to go about getting them. Surely Leaf was on West Texas A&M's full time payroll, so he had to have had health benefits. Any reasonable person would go straight to an actual doctor for a solution, not a D2 quarterback.

That's how I'd handle it, anyway.


movie fan said...

it seems like people assume Ryan Leaf is going to screw up before it actually happens... but i guess this is mostly his own doing

Justin Renard said...

I think I could have been more successful in the NFL. And everyone knows not to ask your players for drugs. That's why we have people selling them on street corners. Didn't he get the memo?