Monday, November 17, 2008

Good news, bad news

I'll start with the good. Jay Howell obliged my autograph request and returned my '92 Topps card with a nice looking autograph. Must've been a while since he'd receieved any requests; it looks like the marker didn't work well with the "J". Howell was a three time All-Star, which I didn't even realize until two seconds ago when I looked him up on Baseball Reference. He also won a World Series with the 1988 Dodgers.

Unfortunately, Lou Piniella was not as accommodating as Howell. It's technically not my first "failure", since the card I sent to Mark Leiter was returned because a bad address. But "REFUSED BY ADDRESSEE"? Ouch, how degrading! I've decided that he has become my least favorite current manager. Take that, Lou!

I've heard that Lou is hit-or-miss with requests, so perhaps I'll refuse his refusal and send the card right back to him.

Another success and an unfortunate failure. Oh well. I've got addresses and reported successes from Arnold Palmer, which would be neat, and also one for Anna Kournikova. Any ideas what I could send for her to sign?

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RP said...

Uh... Maxim Magazine cover?