Monday, October 13, 2008

Still juiced

Between the NFL season being in full swing, the weekly upsets in college football, and the MLB playoffs, it seems to have been gone almost unnoticed (I'm guilty, too) that Jose Canseco was detained for nearly 10 hours at a southern California border crossing after unprescribed fertility drugs from Mexico were discovered in his car.

I guess this confirms what steroids do "down there" for all of us non-users.

Authorities at San Diego's San Ysidro border crossing found human chorionic gonadotropin, which helps restore testosterone in steroid users. The drug is considered a banned substance by the World Anti-doping Agency for male use and is illegal without a prescription, which Canseco obviously didn't have.

Canseco was only allowed to leave after he agreed to a search of his Los Angeles home, and will appear in court Tuesday, October 13th.

Border crossing check-points are all over the place on remote stretches of highway in the southern part of California, especially as the highways head east into the desert and venture close to the U.S. - Mexico border. Everyone has to stop, and everyone is subject to random searches of their vehicle. I don't know how to get picked; maybe it's every certain number of cars, maybe you have to be wearing sunglasses at night. But at the borders, I believe everyone is searched, even if only briefly.

So why did Canseco think he wouldn't get inspected? HE'S JOSE FREAKIN' CANSECO, of course he's going to draw attention! What border patrol officer wouldn't want to brag to his friends and family about searching Canseco's car?? Did he even try to hide the medicine, I wonder? Didn't he think of just trying to mail them to his home?

Luckily for Canseco, he really doesn't have much to lose here. It's not like he has any shred of credibility or good reputation to maintain, and I doubt jail time (if there is any; doubtful) will interfere with the plans he doesn't have.

I'm just hoping he finds a way to spin this in to another book.

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