Friday, October 3, 2008

Speaking of Nebraska

It's funny that Lawrence Phillips has made headlines again, seeing as how I was just visiting his Alma Mater - the University of Nebraska - last weekend. Well, I guess it's not really funny... maybe fitting is a better word. Ok, I'll admit it: I'm still behind at work from the trip, and I'm still tired, and I wanted a way to tie in the trip to the blog, especially since I've been lazy and haven't posted anything to the site since Tuesday.

So, speaking of Nebraska...

Former Cornhusker Lawrence Phillips has been sentenced in Los Angeles to 10 years in prison after being convicted of assault with a deadly weapon. Not just any weapon, though. It wasn't the typical gun point robbery, or even a knife. Phillips's weapon of choice was his car.

On August 1st, 2005, Phillips drove his car into three teenagers when he became upset over losing a pickup football game.

Two things about that jumped immediately to mind:

1) Who reacts that strongly to losing a game that doesn't matter in the least? I play adult baseball, in which the talent level is above "pickup", but still, it's a league where we all pay dues to play, and tempers have certainly become heated between teams at times. But nobody has ever tried to kill an opponent. Hell, I'm pretty sure you'll get kicked out of the entire league for intentionally throwing at a batter (at least if it's a head shot), so running down the other team in your Pontiac would mean a pretty quick suspension. And truthfully, the main reason we all play so hard is because the quicker the game ends, the sooner we meet at the beach for beers. And the other thing that popped into my mind:

2) How does a teenage pickup team with Lawrence Phillips lose? If Andy Pettitte walks away from baseball this off-season and comes to play for the Bangin' Byrds (my adult team name; we're sponsored by Hooters), we would never lose a game. Ever. I don't think Pettitte would ever even give up a hit. So how did this pickup team with Phillips ever fall behind? I'd toss screens to him all day long, Reggie Bush style. Even after we amassed a 100 point lead, I'd still hand it to him, except maybe just ask that he run it up the middle.

Bizarre. At least jail will keep Phillips out of trouble (that we'll hear about, anyway). As for me, I'm off to put in a call to Pettitte's agent. Enjoy the weekend, everybody.


truth in sports said...

Go to to read the truth about Lawrence Phillips which media will not publish although they have received this information over and over.

Media spoke with Phillips’ attorney on the day of sentencing but refused to print anything she said-rather they deceptively said she did not return telephone calls!

Notice that statements of (alleged) victims are never quoted. Flores’ statement during Phillips’ sentencing was that his “leg was hurt during the ACCIDENT”!!! Selective hype comes from those (prosecutor, media, etc.) who care nothing about alleged victims, other than to use them for their own agenda!!!

Regularly read the website above to keep updated about appeals, where the cover-ups and deception that media, prosecutors and judges have gotten away with so far will be exposed–this time the end will be different!!!

Time will tell it all and California Supreme Court has opened up the process!!!

People stop being sheep!!! Stop blindly hating & seek the truth!

jswaykos said...

Is that you, Lawrence?