Monday, October 27, 2008


What you are about to read is the most outrageous sports story I've ever read. And I mean crazy. This makes the Mike Tyson ear-biting incident look like a Saturday morning Disney show.

Now, this is old; it appears to have happened in 2005, but I stumbled across it and could not pass it up.

The vaunted Cambodian Midget Fighting League (CMFL) has been disbanded.

Not for financial reasons or lack of public interest, but because the entire league lost a fight to a lion. "Lost" doesn't really describe what happened, though.

An angry fan apparently argued with league president Yang Sihamoni that one lion could defeat his league of 42 fighters, all at the same time. A true recipe for disaster, especially for a league that claims it'll "... take on anything; man, beast, or machine." And a disaster it was.

A lion was shipped in for the event and tickets were sold (sold out, in fact). David vs. Goliath; man (er, little people) vs. beast. The stage was set.

But really, it was over before it started. The fight was called after just 12 minutes when 28 fighters were declared dead and 14 others had suffered severe injuries, including broken bones and lost limbs, which made it difficult to fight back against a Lion.

With networks fighting for the next big reality show idea, I can't help but wonder about the potential this league might've had. Unfortunately, we'll never know.

See the full story here.

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