Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Open bar, dude!

I've been to only two weddings in my life; my own and one other, so I hardly consider myself an expert on the topic. However, I do know the three things you MUST do if you'd like to alienate yourself from the wedding couple for the rest of your life:

1) Start a fight with the bride's father.

2) Include the bride's 19 year old brother in the brawl.

3) Make sure said brawl leads to multiple arrests.

Game, set and match for Astros pitcher Brandon Backe, who did just that at a wedding reception in a Gavelston, Texas hotel bar. A total of 10 people were arrested at the event.

Astros spokespeople are declining comment on the story, stating that since it's a legal matter it'd be inappropriate, though it certainly wouldn't be any more inappropriate that Backe's behavior, especially since he was a member of the wedding party.

On the groom's side, I'm hoping.

No telling what lead to the fight. Too much to drink from the open bar? Frustrations from another lost baseball season in Houston?

I'll tell you this; Backe better come up with a damn good wedding gift after this mess.

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