Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off season project

I realize the baseball season hasn't ended yet. It might tonight, weather permitting, or perhaps it'll end later in the week down in Tampa.

Once it's over, I'll be posting a ton of "a look back" type stuff, including a final review of my preseason predictions, least valuable players, busts, etc., etc.

By now, you've hopefully had a chance to check out my other site, Darryl Strawberry Fields, a tribute to my Darryl Strawberry card/memorabilia collection. I've spent a ton of time in the past couple weeks going through boxes and boxes of old cards, some of which I didn't realize I even had. In the process of putting my Strawberry collection together, I've found that I have an absurd amount of worthless cardboard from the late 80's and early 90's, the heydays of my baseball card collecting hobby.

I've been thinking, too; What can I do to give these cards some sort of value? Autographs, of course!

That's right, I'm sending out tons of cards to "commons" from those 15-20 year old sets to have signed by the players pictured, using addresses I've obtained from this site. I'll be posting my successes and/or failures as they're returned to me. I have literally nothing to lose.

The following players' cards will be sent in the next couple of days: Lou Piniella, Jeff Reardon, Bud Harrelson, Mike Mussina, Ken Phelps, Jim Fregosi, Al Downing, Gregg Olson, Rafael Belliard, Tommy Greene, Pete Harnisch, Larry Sheets, Mark Knudson, Bob Kipper, Bob Tewksbury, Whitey Herzog, Fernando Vina, Sal Butera, Darren Daulton, Rick Reuschel, Mark Leiter, Jay Howell, Joe Morgan (this one), Craig Pauquette, Sparky Anderson, John Mabry, Barry Larkin, Steve Buechele, Vance Law, Jack McKeon, Mark Gubicza, Terry Leach, Bud Selig, Bobby Bonilla, Ron Santo, Jeff Torborg, David Nied, Von Hayes, Bob Friend, and Mark Parent.

It might seem random, but these are the guys most recently reported to have returned signatures to other collectors within a reasonable time frame (1-3 weeks). Some you've likely heard of, others probably not.

Here's hoping!

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