Thursday, October 23, 2008

Johnson apology

After his recent run-in with the law, Chiefs RB Larry Johnson has issued an apology:

"I want to start off saying I apologize to the Hunt family, my family, first and foremost, the fans, teammates, coaches and players. This is the first time in my life I actually had to stand up, I mean actually woke up and kind of be disgusted with myself and disgusted as far as the way my life and my career is heading right now."

Nice, I guess, except that he says this was the first time he's felt "kind of" disgusted with himself? Was he not bothered by the three other similar allegations against him?


Is there any more disgusting way to treat another human being than by spitting on him (or her)? Is there a way to show any less respect? And to do it and feel just kind of disgusted? What would it take to make Johnson feel full-on guilty about something?

It's too bad he won't learn from this event. He'll sit out another week, big deal. The NFL is going to "investigate", whatever that means. The guy's a jerk, plain and simple. Fine him, suspend him longer, do whatever.

As history has shown with these types of characters, it won't help.

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