Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hat trick

We have the ignominious NFL trifecta today, my friends, as three of our favorite boneheads are again in the headlines.

AJones Do you remember just a year or so ago, when Adam “Pacman” Jones had all the trouble with the strippers and the money and the suspension and then was reinstated by the NFL? Well, apparently Pacman doesn’t because he engaged in a fight with one of his bodyguards this week that was rowdy enough that Dallas police were called in. The fight, incidentally, took place the night before Jones was scheduled to participate in a team meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the agent of both Jones’ suspension for previous off-field incidents and ultimate reinstatement. Now, in fairness I must disclose that police did not arrest or charge anyone in the incident, but this can certainly be added to the list of 12+ incidents involving Jones for which police have been contacted since he was drafted in ‘05. I could tell a long drawn out parable here about a frog and a scorpion and how people don’t change their natures, but I will spare you. The bottom line is that with Owens starting to come unglued (again), Romo appearing to have peaked so early in the season, and Jones reverting to form, the wheels might be about ready to come off the Great Jerry Jones Love Bus.

MJones Yet another Jones (this time Jags WR Matt) made news this week for having his cocaine charge moved from district court to “drug court”. What is that you say…? So what? Well, you see, this is actually a big deal because a conviction in drug court is not recorded as a criminal offense. This is the criminal justice system’s version of a slap on the hand and essentially nothing more than a glorified traffic ticket. Could this be a product of the fact that Jones was arrested in Fayetteville, AR, where he enjoyed a notable career as a popular college QB? TANGENT: Fayetteville is also 15-minutes from the home of everybody’s favorite Evil Empire, Wal-Mart, which makes it a scary place in its own right, but I digress… Jones got a “gimme” on this one. As much as we laugh at Ricky Williams’ marijuana merry-go-round, a very similar thing could end up happening to Jones, but with COKE! Despite the referral to drug court, Jones could still be suspended by the NFL, which I sincerely hope is the case. Somebody has to play parent here, and if it isn’t going to be Arkansas’ system of law, then it needs to be Goodell or Del Rio or somebody that can get through to this kid.

MHarrison Finally, Marvin Harrison has not quite managed to escape the episode earlier this year where, after he publicly fought with a man named Dwight Dixon, Dixon was shot with a specialized handgun owned by Harrison, which was later found secreted in a bucket of soapy water at Harrison’s car wash. Harrison was never charged by police (much to my amazement, as the forensic evidence is strong), and the case is officially still open, but now Harrison is being sued by Dixon for “serious and permanent injuries … and a severe shock to his nerves and nervous system.” Dixon’s position is that Harrison was the shooter, and he is seeking $100,000+ to soothe his shattered psyche. I am sure that Marvin desperately wants to move on from this, and I am not convinced it wouldn’t have been better off for him just to pay Dixon the requested amount (let’s face it, it could be far worse) than have this brought up in court and tried again in the court of public opinion. At any rate, I don’t see how this incident could make Harrison’s play much worse than it has been already this year.

Stay tuned… With Cedric Benson back in the League, I’m sure we’ll see more sequels in the months to come.


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