Thursday, October 30, 2008

The end is here

The hopes and dreams of hundreds of lifelong Rays fans - some going so far back that they remember when they were called the Devil Rays - shattered Wednesday night when the Phillies clinched the 2008 World Series in a weather-postponed Game 5.

After a completely unexpected AL East Championship for Tampa, and a season where they never really let up, I don't know how many people expected them to fold so easily in Philadelphia.

Was it the cold weather? Perhaps. Should Rays manager Joe Maddon have let relief pitcher J.P. Howell bat instead of turning to a guy off the bench? Perhaps not. I can't say I hope to see the Rays back in the playoffs next season, because that means one less possible spot for my beloved Yankees to occupy.

So the Phillies are 2008 World Champs... yippee.

Bad Baseball would like to congratulate the runner-up '08 Tampa Bay Rays, the first losers.

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