Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check the attitude at the door

Generally, a game between last place teams in the NFC West would not be interesting material for a column. And while you may think (as I do) that the sheer ineptitude of either Seattle or San Francisco this year would be enough to warrant coverage on this esteemed forum, that is likewise not the purpose of this entry. What is blog-worthy about yesterday’s 13-34 thumping of the 49ers by the Seahawks is the visit to the field by the WHA-mbulance to pick up San Francisco TE Vernon Davis.

During the game, Davis was flagged with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for taking a swipe at the facemask of Seattle Safety Brian Russell (a BS call, to be fair about it). But as a result of the incident, Niners Head Coach Mike Singletary removed Davis from the game and sat him on the bench to think about what he’d done. Singletary then sat down next to Davis and told him (by Davis’ own admission) that he had to be smarter than that and keep himself under control because he was hurting the team. But, when Singletary believed Davis was being nonchalant about the reprimand, Singletary “told him he'd do a better job for us right now taking a shower and coming back and watching the game than going out on the field, simple as that.”

You all know that it has been my contention for a long time that many football players in today’s NFL (and most professional athletes, for that matter) are spoiled, pampered, overpaid children that care little for their team and almost nothing for the game itself. (Maybe someday I’ll tell you how I really feel about it…) As such, I can do nothing but applaud Singletary for his actions on Sunday. Singletary, a replacement head coach in his first game ever at the position, took decisive action with a player that lost his cool and hurt his team for his failure to control his attitude (not the first time this has happened with Davis, btw). Singletary was one of the most hard-nosed players ever to take the gridiron, and he played for Mike Ditka for most of his career, so it is small wonder his tolerance for selfish stupidity is low. While Davis apologists have been saying things like “he is a good guy” and “he is a team player,” actions speak louder than words. True it was a bad call, but when Singletary yanked him and reminded him to be smart, it sure wasn’t Davis’ stellar can-do attitude that caused Singletary to send him to the showers. In short, I say drive on Coach Mike and become a shining example for the rest of the whipped head coaches and owners out there that have been taking crap from premadonna players for far too long now!


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