Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big news for Bad Baseball

OK, not really. It's definitely "news", though. OK, got me again, what I'm about to tell you is hardly newsworthy. Still, you should keep reading...

I've enjoyed working on Bad Baseball since it's inception just before the 2008 baseball season. I thought a site was needed to celebrate the other side of greatness - complete ineptitude. We celebrate wins and save leaders every year, track pennant races daily, and argue countless hours over MVPs. But nobody cared about the daily blown saves, four strikeout games, or teams being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in May. I was happy to fill that void on the internet.

Bad Baseball was my first foray into the rapidly expanding world of blogging, and I was happy to pick up help along the way, especially as the baseball season started to wind down and football (and basketball and whatever other sports there might be) gained steam. A handful of guest entries turned in to fairly regular contributions from one Ryan Pittman.

But I felt like Bad Baseball lacked a personal touch.

Read beyond the initial paragraphs in any of my entries and you'll find my personal opinions on the stories; I have plenty of them. And every so often I come up with something completely original. But still, not as personal as a lot of the blogs I've seen floating around on the web.

I've been wanting to start a separate site for a while now, but couldn't come up with a good enough topic for which I'd have enough material to sustain it for any amount of time. What is one thing I have more of than anyone else? What is something original, that appears nowhere else on the internet (that I could find, anyway), that people might actually be interested in? Because what good is a blog if nobody reads it, right?

The answer hit me harder than a referee lowering an elbow into my chest: Darryl Strawberry.

Since my earliest days as a baseball fan, he's been my favorite player, and I have literally thousands of Strawberry cards in binders, boxes, and plastic holders. I have shirts, books, and pictures. And most importantly, I have a scanner, which means a brand new spin-off blog can be found here. That's darrylstrawberryfields.blogspot.com for those of you looking to copy and paste the URL to a bookmarks bar.

Now to get to the question you're all asking: what does this mean for Bad Baseball (and other sports on occasion!)? The answer: absolutely nothing. I'll still update it regularly; the Strawberry site is simply something I wanted to do on the side. The site is obviously in its infancy, as I just came up with the idea last night, but you'll see the first additions in the next couple of days. I hope you all enjoy it, and thank you for your continued support of Bad Baseball.

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