Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Redefining "blow out"

I'm sure very few of you follow hockey at all, let alone women's hockey. But perhaps the worst sports performance of all time took place Saturday night in Liepaja, Latvia - a combined 82 goals were scored in the European Olympic pre-qualifying tournament match between Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Except Slovakia scored all 82 of the goals.

I don't even know what to call this sort of beat down. A rout? No; I'd imagine a hockey route would be more like 8-3. A drubbing? Again, that makes me picture 9-1, possibly even a 10-0 shutout.

But 82-0? Did Bulgaria play with a pulled goalie for the entire game? It gets worse: Slovakia outshot Bulgaria 139-0! How could they not have mustered one shot off the entire game? Not even one flail towards the goal from center ice? Did Bulgaria even touch the puck?

The Bulgarian women had previous losses of 30-1 (to Croatia) and 41-0 (to Italy) prior to this disaster.

The ESPN.com article doesn't specify, but I don't think Bulgaria qualified for the tourney.

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ryan said...

OMG...! Where did you get the pictures?!