Thursday, September 18, 2008

Less famous family members

When I first started this site, I made a list of various feature stories to run for slower times, knowing that material might not be as easy to come by as the baseball season wound down. One of those ideas was "Less Famous Family Members", because I always wondered what it must be like to live under the shadow of a significantly more talented (in the sports world) brother or father (or sister or mother, though I can't think of any mothers more famous than their sons or daughters off the top of my head), especially when both family members were at least both good enough to play professional level sports.

Because to be one of the best in the world, yet clearly not the best in your own family? Ouch.

Today I'm featuring a guy I like to call "the little brother that could."

First, lets compare career (to date) stats.

Player A: 372 hits, 209 RBIs, 52 HRs, 251 BBs, and has earned a combined (again, to date) $3,775,500.
Player B: 1805 hits, 1276 RBIs, 395 HRs, 1200 BBs, and has earned a combined $101,630,425 ... not counting endorsements.

Though when it comes to appearances in the Mitchell report, both are tied at one.

Player A, both less talented and famous, is this guy.

Other than the money he's earned (although low by athlete standards), life has really sucked for Jeremy Giambi. Him and his brother, Jason, were both raging steroid users, yet the drugs seemed only to have worked for one of them; Jason has hit over 1,400 more homers. And while Jason might "only" be remembered for one flaw (the 'roids), Jeremy will never, ever live down his non-slide in the 2001 American League Division Series against the Yankees. You know, the one where a horribly out of position Derek Jeter miraculously flipped an errant relay throw to Jorge Posada, who proceded to tag Giambi on the shin.

The Yanks would go on to rally from two games down to win the series, 3-2. And since ESPN ranks it the 45th most memorable sports moment of the last 25 years, Jeremy gets to relive it over and over and over again.

And I bet if you asked their mother for her word association with "Giambi", she thinks of Jason, too.

He even signs his name like a jackass.

Now that I think about it, maybe "the little brother that could" is inappropriate. He's proven to be more the little brother that couldn't.

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