Monday, August 25, 2008

The week ahead; A look back

Let's take a look ahead to the Bad Baseball featured match up...

I'm going with Friday night's absolutely meaningless contest in San Diego, when the 61-71 Rockies will take on the 48-82 Padres. Aaron Cook will take the mound for Colorado, while San Diego will send out Dirk Hayhurst.

So there ya go. It wasn't the worst match up of the week, but I'll admit it; I really just wanted to mention Dirk Hayhurst.

Now let's look back on a weekend full of Bad Baseball...

FRIDAY: Cubs reliever Chad Gaudin couldn't pitch effective mop-up work against the Nationals; he allowed six runs on six hits in two innings of work in Chicago's blowout loss . . . In another case of a reliever doing no relieving, Pirate's reliever Denny Bautista allowed four runs on three hits without recording an out in the seventh inning against the Brewers . . . The Cardinals scored 18 runs in their win over the Braves. The worst of the worst was Atlanta reliever Matt DeSalvo, who allowed six runs on eight hits in just an inning of work . . . The Rays scored six runs over the final two innings of play in their comeback win against the White Sox. Chicago reliever Octavio Dotel allowed three runs on three hits (two of which were homers), all without recording an out.

SATURDAY: Red Sox starter Jon Lester struggled against the Blue Jays; he allowed seven runs on eight hits in 2.1 innings of work . . . The Orioles lost to Carl Pavano and the Yankees, which is pathetic . . . A statistical oddity for Reds reliever Mike Lincoln; though he allowed three runs on three hits in just a third of an inning, he recorded the loss and the hold against the Rockies.

SUNDAY: No performances stood out as being particularly bad, but six games went in to extra innings on what was supposed to be an early finish getaway day for most clubs.

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