Sunday, August 10, 2008

The week ahead, the weekend behind us

Let's first take a look forward to the Bad Baseball game of the week.

I'm going with the Yankees-Twins game in Minnesota on Wednesday night. It's not the teams that are bad; both are very much in the playoff picture (the Twins more so than the Yanks, but don't count NYY out just yet), but the starter the Yanks are sending to the mound has been awful.

Ian Kennedy (0-4, 8.17 ERA) hasn't seemed to be the hot commodity the Yanks said he was. They're so high on him that they refused to part with him in a deal this past off season for Johan Santana! Sure, he's still young, but he has shown virtually no flashes of greatness. An outing against a tough, playoff hopeful team should further kick him while he's down.

Now that you've got that to look forward to, lets look back on what you may have missed from the weekend...

Friday: Yankees starter Ian Kennedy struggled (again) against the Angels. He allowed five runs on nine hits in just two innings . . . Giants starter Barry Zito picked up his 14th loss of 2008 against the Dodgers . . . Tough outing for Diamondbacks starter Doug Davis; he allowed seven runs on nine hits and four walks in 4.1 innings against the Braves.

Saturday: Not a good day for Chicago's Carlos Zambrano; he allowed nine runs on 10 hits in 4.1 innings of work against the Cardinals . . . the light's out (of late) Yankees bullpen was anything but against the Angels; Edwar Ramirez and David Robertson combined to allow eight runs (though "only" seven were earned) on eight hits in just the eighth inning alone . . . Also a tough day for the Oakland bullpen; Alan Embree and Lenny DiNardo combined for six earned runs in two innings.

Sunday: Reds starter Aaron Harang was hit hard by the Astros; he allowed eight runs on nine hits over four innings of work in a losing effort . . . The Padres scored 16 runs against the Rockies; Colorado's newly acquired (though I can't explain why) Livan Hernandez was the worst of the bunch. He allowed nine runs on seven hits and four walks over 2.2 innings of work . . . Texas scored 15 runs against the Orioles. Randor Bierd wins the Least Valuable Player award; he allowed five runs on four walks without recording an out.

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