Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday night recap

Before I get to the recap of Thursday night's Bad Baseball action, I want to point out a fun running feature ESPN does for the college football season.

I know, I know; baseball is still in full swing (Ha! Swing... baseball... get it?), and playoff races are anything but settled. But I can't help but get excited for college football, my other true love.

Of course, college football isn't really my second love. The coveted #2 spot belongs solely to my wife, right behind the Yankees/baseball (co-#1). She was informed of her ranking early on in our relationship, so this comes as no surprise to her. So this makes college football my #3.

But I digress. College football rankings are out, no real surprises (though I just can't see Texas Tech staying relative all season long). The ratings you need to see, though, are here. It's updated weekly (once the season starts) and tracks the worst of the worst in college football. I'll be doing the same, obviously, but it's great supplemental reading.

Now let's get to the real reason you visited the site today: the Thursday night recap.

"Big innings" was the theme, apparently. Starting off in Detroit, the Tigers scored five runs in the eighth inning of Toronto reliever Jason Frasor, who allowed the runs on two hits and three walks in just a third of an inning. He would be the losing pitcher in the contest . . . Moving south to Kansas City, the White Sox scored six runs in the sixth, five of them coming off of Royals reliever Joel Peralta. He allowed the runs on three hits and two walks, recording just two outs in the inning . . . The Red Sox scored nine runs in the bottom of the second off of Rangers starter Tommy Hunter (Sidney Ponson 2.0??). Hunter would only last an inning and two thirds . . . Finally, in Cleveland, the Orioles scored eight runs in the top of the eighth against Indians relievers Rafael Perez and Edward Mujica, who combined (though Perez was unable get anyone out, for the record) for eight runs (only seven earned) on six hits and three walks.

Happy Friday!

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