Sunday, July 6, 2008

A look back, a look ahead

Another three day weekend has passed far too quickly. No more BBQ (for at least another six days or so), pool, beach, or whatever floats your boat on a lazy summer day. For most of us, it's back to work. So while you're there (because what else is there to do during the day besides check out your favorite blogs on the net?), lets look back on a Bad Baseball weekend.

Friday: Bizarre stat line for Osiris Matos of the Giants; a walk and four hits en route to picking up the loss and blown lead to the Dodgers. All five runs that crossed the plate while he was the pitcher of record were unearned. Not sure if that's good or bad . . . Tough outing for Rangers starter Vicente Padilla against the Orioles. He allowed eight runs on nine hits over 2.2 innings of work . . . The best view of the 4th of July fireworks Friday night was in Colorado for the Marlins - Rockies slugfest. The teams combined for 35 runs, with the Rockies coming out on top, 18-17. A total of 14 pitchers were used, and they were pretty much all ugly.

Saturday: The Cardinals scored three runs in the ninth to win on the road against the Cubs. Kerry Wood picked up the loss and blown save after allowing three runs on two hits in just two-thirds of an inning . . . The humidor must be broken in Colorado. A day after combining for 35 runs, the Marlins and Rockies worked together to push 18 runs across the plate. Marlins starter Ryan Tucker allowed eight runs on seven hits over four innings of work.

Sunday: Lets stay in Colorado, shall we? The teams combined for 15 runs to end their series, a total of 68 on the weekend . . . The Rangers and Orioles also threw pitching out the window, combining for 21 runs . . . It was a real snoozer in Seattle; the Mariners and Tigers combined for just 14 hits in 15 innings of ball. Detroit eventually won, 2-1 . . . More extra innings in Atlanta; it took 17 innings for the Braves to overcome the Houston Astros . . . Finally, in New York, Brett Gardner (.143 season batting average) singled in the winning run for the Yankees in the 10th inning against Jonathan Papelbon and the Boston Red Sox.

Wow, lots of action over the weekend, especially for citizens of the mile high city. Want more Bad Baseball this week? Look no further than Wednesday night, when the 35-53 Mariners travel to Oakland to take on 5-11 Joe Blanton and the A's. Somebody has to give.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. On Monday, I'll look into this year's MLB "All-Star" selections - and yes, those quotation markes are there on purpose, because the lineups are full of anything but baseball's finest. You'll see what I mean.

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