Monday, July 21, 2008

A look ahead

Alright, everyone, this week's Bad Baseball featured match up is guaranteed to be epic. It will settle the argument once and for all: does bad pitching beat bad hitting?

Tuesday night, the Washington Nationals - the second worst team in baseball - will be in San Francisco to face the pitcher who's massive contract is in no way whatsoever justified by his on-field performance: Barry Zito.

Zito, 4-12 with a 5.62 ERA, will take on Nats starter Jason Bergman (1-6, 4.03 ERA) in what could easily end up the ugliest game of the year.

I haven't checked the TV listings yet, but I'm praying this game will be available in high definition, just so I can see this mess in all its glory.

A full weekend recap is coming as soon as the Monday morning cobwebs clear from my head.

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