Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Calling Brett Favre...

*hand in the cookie jar alert*

So… Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I predicted that the “rumors” were more than just idle speculation, despite Brett Favre’s weak protestations to the contrary? Well, I am hardly clairvoyant, as Favre’s current predicament was as easy to see coming as the 4:15 from Chicago. But, what was a little tougher to foresee was Favre’s obvious lack of judgment in using a Packers-issued cell phone to call Minnesota Viking’s coaches (including head coach Brad Childress) in the weeks leading up to his “I’ve got the itch” speeches.

Brett? WHAT… WERE YOU… THINKING?! I mean, you can anticipate where your receiver is going to be five seconds into the melee of a swarming Bear Defense, you can read the defensive coordinator’s mind and pick out a blitz two plays in advance, and we have even seen you give the kiss-of-death to Javon Walker’s career before even Drew Rosenhaus knew he was finished in Green Bay… but you couldn’t see how Packers management could POSSIBLY figure out that you had been talking to one of their biggest rivals when they are the ones that pay your phone bill?


With that said, however, I really don’t see what the big deal is about. Knowing Favre like I do (I expect to get the call to Sumrall, MS any day now), this was not a case of tampering by the Vikes or Favre looking to go elsewhere… Favre’s competitiveness just could not be contained any longer and facing the prospect of not playing this season was just too much to handle. He was actually prank-calling members of the Vikings coaching staff, taunting them mercilessly about how good the Pack will be this year. Yeah, yeah, that must be it…


In other Bad Baseball news from Wednesday night...
The Reds scored five runs in the seventh inning to beat the Padres. Friars reliever Joe Thatcher allowed the runs on five hits, recording just two outs . . . The White Sox also scored five runs against the Rangers in their comeback win, though theirs were in the eighth inning. Rangers reliever Eddie Guardado allowed four runs on three hits. He accomplished the rare feat of recording a hold and the loss, providing more evidence that both stats are silly and outdated . . . Apparently a ninth inning, nine run lead was to much for Braves reliever Buddy Carlyle to handle; he allowed four runs to the Marlins on three hits. No harm done in the end, Atlanta still won . . . The Indians and Angels combined for 25 runs and 33 hits. The Angels won, 14-11, and you don't need me to tell you that there was bad pitching all around . . . The Cubs scored six runs in the eighth inning to beat the Diamondbacks. Arizona reliever Micah Owings allowed five runs on two hits and three walks, though it should be noted that three of the runs were credited to him after Leo Rosales allowed a grand slam to Chicago's Reed Johnson.

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