Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All-Star recap

The All-Star game and the circus surrounding it has come and gone, and there was actually quite a bit of good. Mariano Rivera got his chance to enter the game to "Enter Sandman", even though it wasn't a save situation. Lots of good pitching, too, especially from the starters.

But you know I've dug up the bad for you.

First off, the game was looooong. I knew it would be, All-Star games always are, but this bad boy went 15 innings, setting a record at 4 hours, 50 minutes for the longest All-Star game ever. Can't the managers leave the starters in longer and at least pretend this is a real game? When Christian Guzman plays a role in determining home field advantage for the World Series, something's wrong.

Dan Uggla struck out three times and committed three errors.

Jonathan Papelbon
allowed a run in the 8th inning, ruining any save opportunity Mariano Rivera hoped to have.

Edinson Volquez
allowed two runs on two hits, including a home run to eventual MVP J.D. Drew.

Billy Wagner
blew the save for the National League, allowing a run on two hits in the bottom of the 8th.

Brad Lidge picked up the loss, allowing a run on two hits. It was the 12th straight year that the National League failed to win.

But at least it didn't end in a tie.

Now we find ourselves with Black Wednesday, the slowest sports day of the year.

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