Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The other side of Imus

The Don Imus piece generated a bit of feedback. I have posted an email I received to shed some light on perhaps a lesser known side of Don Imus.

I have to admit that I have listened to (Imus) for years and have gotten used to his "style". He refers to people ranging from the President to the Pope in "off color" ways. I have been surprised over the years that he has not been sued by anyone... it is pure satire, intended to be harmless satire. Most of the high profile folks he talks about realize that; maybe that is how he has avoided litigation. But there is a side to him that the casual listener doesn't are some facts:

- He is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic (which he openly discusses regularly)
- He is a family man...has a son who is about 10
- He single handedly lead a campaign to get a burn unit built in San Antonio for vets returning from Iraq (he harangued senators and governors for months to get this done)
- He and his wife operate a (non profit) ranch in New Mexico where they host kids with cancer all summer long (he is on the air at 3 a.m. mountain time for his show)
- He and his wife are leading an effort to find the cause of autism (an effort to ban the use of mercury in vaccines)
- He and his wife founded a center for pediatric oncology at a hospital in New Jersey

Like most media personalities he has an air of arrogance but again, I think people read too much in to that. His comments about the Rutgers basketball team were over the line...he apologized, they accepted and I think that would have all passed away if it had not been for Al Sharpton. All that said I do not believe that he is a racist. I may be wrong.....but I just don't see how a man as generous as he is with his time and money could harbor bad feelings toward anyone.

There you go; two sides to an often misunderstood individual.

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