Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How out of touch with reality is he? There you go.

Don Imus is back, both on air and in the news. This time it's over comments he made on his show regarding Adam "Don't call me PacMan any more" Jones. Here's the transcript:

Sportscaster Warner Wolf: Defensive back Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, recently signed by the Cowboys — here’s a guy suspended all of 2007 following a shooting in a Vegas nightclub

Imus: Well, stuff happens, you’re in a nightclub for God’s sake. What do you think's gonna happen in a nightclub? People are drinking and doing drugs, there are women there, and, uh, people have guns. ...

Wolf: He’s also, he’s been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005.

Imus: What color is he?

He’s African-American.

Imus: Oh, well, there you go. Now we know.

Listen for yourself here:

Hey, Don? Shut up. I understand that racism runs deep in this country, and that this guy has had problems with it before, most notably with female basketball players. And no, Adam Jones has been anything buy a stand-up, classy guy since entering the league in 2005. But Imus makes you almost sympathetic towards him, doesn't he?

I particularly like the comments about the night club atmosphere. Now, I'm no expert here. In fact, I don't know if I've ever been to an actual club unless you count Attitudes in Blacksburg, VA. It had dancing... so close enough. There was definitely drinking (um, hello, it was a bar), but certainly no drugs or guns. Has Imus ever even gone outside at night?

Anyhow, Imus is now frantically trying to cover his ass, telling the Associated Press that he was trying to make a sarcastic point. Riiiiiiiiiight...

Said Imus:

"What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason. I mean, there's no reason to arrest this kid six times. Maybe he did something once, but everyone does something once."

I'm sure that's straight from Imus's heart.

Jones commented on being upset with the remarks, stating the obvious when he said that "Obviously, Mr. Imus has problems with African-Americans... I will pray for him."

If you have nothing nice to say, Don, do us all a favor and don't say anything at all.

In other Bad Baseball news from Monday night...

Only a handful of games around the league, and only one particularly bad outing. The honor goes to Rockies starter Jeff Francis against the Royals. He allowed 7 runs on 7 hits in 4.1 innings pitched.

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