Friday, May 16, 2008

They're still doing that?

It's the weekend nobody in particular has been waiting for: the 2008 debut of interleague play.


We get the trite New York - New York, Cleveland - Cincinnati, Los Angeles - Los Angeles of Anaheim series as usual, as well as more than a few that feature a scheduling match up that nobody wants to see.

Some of the best include Kansas City at Florida, where attendance might actually dip into the single digits. Who wants to sit outside in the Florida heat to watch these teams play? Certainly nobody in Florida; they don't want to see the Marlins under any circumstances.

The Oakland A's travel to Atlanta to face the Braves, the same team that has offered two-for-one tickets to a playoff series in recent history. Handing out money won't draw a crowd to this one, either.

And my personal favorite: San Diego at Seattle. Rumor out here in SoCal (I'm in San Diego, for those that don't know) is that the Friars may travel without their offense to keep costs low. Not a terrible idea, since it hasn't showed up much at home for them this season anyways.

Enjoy the scheduling train wreck that is interleague play this weekend. Personally, I'm taking the weekend off from baseball; I'll be here, soaking in the sun. Even I can't stomach baseball this bad.

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