Saturday, May 3, 2008

An open letter to Marvin Harrison

Dear Marvin,

Why, Marvin… Why?! Why would you take one of the most successful receiving careers in the modern era and put the Chris Henry-stamp of approval on it? You were known as one of the sport’s nice-guys for your on field attitude… You have played your entire career for a Midwestern franchise identified with the “right way” to play the game; you own half the record for most TDs for a QB-WR combination with a gunslinger considered one of the best of all-time; and you are still the #1 receiver on a team that finally won “The Big One.”

Still don’t know why I am so disappointed…? Let me recap… You got in an argument with a visitor to your Philadelphia bar (in front of witnesses), you followed the guy outside and shot him with a rare make of pistol that you happen to own (in front of witnesses), you fled to your car wash where (when questioned by police) you admitted to owning the pistol but stated it was at your home miles away at the time of the incident (which ballistics would later disprove), and then watched as the pistol was discovered in a wash bucket during the police search (in front of witnesses). You had to have done well enough on the Wonderlic test to see that this probably won’t end well. Even if you are cleared, just ask Ray Lewis if you’ll ever completely recover from condemnation in the court of public opinion.

Being only the 4th Player in NFL History to hit 1000 Receptions...Hard Work

Holding the Franchise Record in Every Major Receiving Category...Loyalty

8-straight Pro Bowls (1999-2006)...Determination

Watching Your Hall of Fame Career Slip into a Bucket of Soapy Water...Priceless

So, why, Marvin…. Why?! As if my fantasy draft needed any less talent at WR this year!


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