Thursday, May 1, 2008

Canseco can't pay

Author/tattle tale/Roided up monster Jose Canseco has had his Los Angeles area home foreclosed.

Canseco is quoted in an Associated Press article, saying,
You know my life, this financial thing, is a very complicated issue. Obviously, when you make all that money, people think, 'OK, let's assume it is $35 million.' People have to understand that $35 million, you're paying the government 41 percent. That leaves you with about $17 or $18 million, not even. Then you're taking care of your whole family

I can't believe Canseco was able to make ends meet. Only $17 or $18 million?? How is one man supposed to live on that? With gas creeping towards $4 a gallon, he could barely afford to get his car out of his driveway.

He also went on to say he's in the process of turning his two books into movies. This situation all but guarantees a third will be written, and you know he'll be happy to accept any hush money.

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