Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bush's league

I was clicking through the various Yahoo! headlines at work this morning and came across what was described as President Bush picking his baseball "dream team." I was intrigued, of course, so I watched. The caption was a little misleading, as he was only asked which hitter and which pitcher he'd take first. Anyways...

On offense he said he'd take Chase Utley. Certainly not the worst choice ever, but since he was told money wasn't an object I figured he'd go with A-Rod, or maybe Hanley Ramirez.

He must only dig the long ball, though, because for his pitcher he said he'd take Roy Halladay (3-5 in 2008). Really, Mr. President? Not last year's Cy Young winner Jake Peavy, or currently unbeaten Brandon Webb? I'd easily take Johan Santana or Josh Beckett or C.C. Sabathia over Halladay, too. Hell, Dustin McGowan might surpass Halladay this season as the best pitcher on the Blue Jays.

Interesting choices, to say the least. But what's another bad decision in a string of many for the President?

In other Bad Baseball news from Wednesday night...
Does anybody want to close in Milwaukee? Don't they know that teams don't usually start tanking for a higher draft picks until later in the year, and that this isn't the NBA, where an early pick makes a difference?

It was Guillermo Mota's turn to blow a lead against the Dodgers, allowing 3 runs on 2 hits in the 9th. If they're going to choke away late leads no matter who they throw out there, the Brew Crew might as well stick with Eric Gagne and at least get their money's worth.

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