Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zito watch; a look ahead

Before we preview the upcoming Bad Baseball game of the week, let me post Barry Zito's line from Sunday against the Cincinnati Reds: 3.0 Innings pitched, 7 hits allowed, 8 earned runs, and 3 walks. And if you didn't guess, he picked up his sixth loss of the year, making his 2008 record 0-6... wow! Relative to his contract, he's on pace for a historically bad year, reaching Mike Maroth territory (see first post!). Albert Belle was more productive all those years on the Orioles payroll long after his playing days were over. At least he wasn't losing games for 'em....

Zito sucks, and so, potentially, does this week's featured match up: Thursday night, Royals at Rangers. It's not the match up that's bad; in fact, Zack Greinke has been nearly unhittable this season for the Royals. His opponent, on the other hand, has a history of getting hit hard. It's none other than the knighted (in Aruba, for what it's worth) Sir Sidney Ponson! I forgot this guy was still in the game, let alone playing at the major league level. Along with a multitude of legal problems he brings a career ERA of 4.93 to the mound. If you like fireworks, I suggest finding a way to watch this one!

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