Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday night quick hits

I've got a few ugly outings to report on from Tuesday night's action...

Eric Gagne ruined another game for his Brewers, blowing his 4th save of the year against the St. Louis Cardinals, allowing a single run on a hit and a walk in one inning of work.

Barry Zito recorded his 5th loss of the year for the San Francisco Giants against the Arizona Diamondbacks, working just 3.2 innings and allowing 5 runs on 6 hits. How badly do you think the Giants would like to back in time and not sign this guy?

Gil Meche did some good; by picking up the loss after lasting just 3.1 innings and allowing 8 runs on 9 hits (giving him an 8.00 ERA for the year) he helped C.C. Sabathia record his first win of the year!

And finally, Rockies closer Manny Corpas blew his third save of 2008 against the Phillies when he allowed 3 runs on 3 hits in just an inning of work.

All in all a busy start on the week's first full day of games, including appearances by some of the games most overpaid "stars". If Gagne keeps up his current pace I'm going to have to start a separate site just for him.

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