Saturday, April 19, 2008

That was ugly

I collect many things sports, including magazine covers. The good ones, like Super Bowl tributes, are kept in protective display sleeves. Recently I started looking through my stacks to see which bad covers I had lying around - predictions gone wrong, cover athletes' careers going down the drain, etc. That's when I found today's gem, perfect timing in light of recent events (see write up below), which hit newsstands 2/16/04. It asked if Steph and Isaiah can save the east... the answer was no.

I'll post more of these spectacularly bad covers on occasion. Enjoy today's!

The New York Knicks fired troubled head coach Isaiah Thomas on Friday, bringing an end to one of the ugliest stretches of basketball (if you can call it that) in the franchise's history.

In addition to feuding with players, sexual harassment lawsuits and general mismanagement of a once proud organization, Thomas led the Knicks to a dreadful 56-109 record in his tenure as head coach. He will supposedly remain with the team in an unnamed role.

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