Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I feel the need...

Suspended NASCAR Craftsman truck series driver Aaron Fike admitted Tuesday to shooting up heroin on race days, bringing new meaning to feeling the need for speed.

Fike - and his ability to race while high as a kite - is proof that NASCAR's "reasonable suspicion" drug policy doesn't work.

Since 2000, seven NASCAR drivers have been suspended indefinitely for substance abuse problems, four after either failing or missing tests administered under reasonable suspicion. The other three, including Fike, were caught by police.

I guess racing bumper-to-bumper around a track at 200 mph isn't enough of a rush for some people.

Correction: It has been brought to my attention since posting this entry that heroin is not speed. In fact, it has quite an opposite effect - it's what would be considered a "downer". My mistake. I could have taken the easy way out and simply edited this glaring error, leaving no trace of my wrongdoing. However, I feel I owe Mr. Fike an apology as I did not intend to disrespect his addiction. I also would like to apologize to heroin; I didn't intend to give the perception that you are any less of a drug than cocaine (or any other drug that could be classified as speed, for that matter). This oversight is simply a testament to my unfamiliarity with the illegal drug world - for that, and for any hurt this misunderstanding may have caused, I am sorry.

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