Friday, March 28, 2008

Wedding Bells

In a bit of bizarre baseball news, New York Yankees outfielder Hideki Matsui announced his marriage to his girlfriend. That's all. No name, description, anything. He did, however, hold up this nice picture drawn of his new bride, who he described as "25 and from Japan," and worked "in a reputable position at a highly respected company."

Weird, right? But wait - check out this line casually dropped into the end of the New York Daily News article on the event:

"Matsui, also known back home for his large collection of porn films, said he and his wife have been planning their wedding for a year."

Excuse me?

Is this a Japanese thing? I know the porn industry is huge in America, but has a personal collection ever been used to describe someone? Can you imagine: "Johan Santana expectedly signed a long-term extension with the Mets, which is sure to help him add to his already sizeable collection of X-rated magazines and videos." And how, exactly, is it well-known that Matsui's collection is so big?

Strange, and now he'll have to find a better hiding place to keep the pornos from his etch-a-sketch bride. Check ebay.


Anonymous said...

Strange indeed for us not to know the name of his wife. But wait, we really don't know the name of celebrity wives here in the states unless the significant other, too, is famous. In Japan it's pretty usual not to mention the name or company of a spouse (of a celebrity) if the spouse is not of celebrity making him/herself. It's sort of a way to "protect" them from the craziness of celebrity life. But that begs the retort: if you don't want to be caught up in celebrity life WHY don't you not marry a celebrity.

As for Master Matsui's porn collection I've never heard that. I'll be sure to google, "Matsui porn" and see what comes up.

Jonathan said...

I've heard the Matsui porn thing. It was even in a Time Magazine article back when he first signed.

I'm amazed that baseball players get married in the first place. When do they have time to date? Offseason for these guys last what? 3 months?

Cheers to him though. I'm sure the porn collection will get him through those long road nights stuck in Tampa.